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About Us

VinPesto Srl is a young and dynamic company, founded by 'a union of three young entrepreneurs already operating for years in the service sector and distribution. VinPesto is an Italian company, located in San Remo, the city known worldwide for its flowers. (No less famous for the festival of Italian song) In addition to being one of the most 'hot region of our state the Ligure. VinPesto distributes products typical of a genuine fresh locale.Ecco mainly because the name "VinPesto" which comes from the union of the two names of typical products that can not fail in the pantry or on the table to give him the joy of being able to enjoy. We have started a lot of research in the field, and has become increasingly powerful the idea of promoting local products and Italians in particular products of our region, liguria, as well as through traditional means, including through new and powerful tool INTERNET.

VinPesto NOT 'an online shop that sells directly to the public.
VinPesto COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR is that through its website, where quality and professionalism are combined to provide excellent service to our customers, there is the 'goal of using DISTRIBUTE restaurants and major supermarket retailers, GDO their products.

All products are made with artisan methods and respecting tradition and comes from a 'careful selection of typical local products of high quality selected directly from us.

Our products includes all the major traditional food: extra virgin olive oil PDO wines DOC, DOCG, IGT popular throughout the world, the typical liqueurs such as limoncello di Sicilia, the marmalade of oranges, lemons, figs d ' india, tangerines and tomatoes, passing the condiments and preserves typical of various areas such as Pistachio pesto di Bronte, then the sausages made with craft, such as sweet Sicilian cannoli with ricotta and cassata.

And thanks to the partnership with major Italian player in the field of transport is by road and on the air is able to provide you everywhere you go in the world its products with very small timescales ranging from 12 to 48 hours providing quick and genuine products Ligurian typical fresh. Whether you are a great distribution network, GDO, restaurant we are your best choice if you want to propose to your customers Wine, pesto oil or other products typically Italian.





A maggio 2009 vinpesto iniza la distribuzione negli USA di prodotti come Vino & Pesto.

Aprile 2009 vinpesto si rinnova con il nuovo sito in italiano e inglese.

Nel prossimo mese di luglio vinpesto iniziera la distrivuzione di nuove specialità tipiche liguri tramite i suoi dealer locali.

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